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“Small belief can move mountains.”

Unfortunately, financial struggle defines life for many.

My upcoming course, Think Transformationally, puts those days behind you.

This course teaches how a shift in thinking has the power to turn

ordinary dreams into EXTRAORDINARY REALTY.

All you need is the right mix of belief and dedicated action.

Success Stories helps you reach the financial success that you envision.

Plot your course and take flight toward the success that you desire.

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Former Army Medic

Combat Medic

I was extremely impressed by the advances in medical technology during my time as a medic, especially in terms of emergency medicine. My experiences also made me acutely aware that our current healthcare system is much more reactive than it is proactive. I became a sports entrepreneur to address the world’s need for more proactive healthcare and hope that my efforts will lighten the health system’s patient load and decrease the proliferation of diseases related to physical inactivity.

I believe athletics provides the most comprehensive environment for pursing excellence in health and life.

I specialize in applying the principles of sports management and sports performance to daily living, as a means to help people around the world thrive in all areas of life while practicing these Dimensions of Wellness.

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Education & Training

The Education & Training provided through Success Stories equips you with the tools that you need to become an entrepreneurship master. Gaining proficiency in the steps of the sales process is the first order of business, because repeating them with consistency is the key to achieving the income that you desire.

We also cover the relationship between the steps in the sales process and the stages of the business lifecycle. The most successful entrepreneurs pursue their vision. This relationship helps you understand the value of big picture thinking.

The 5 Stages of the Business Lifecycle.

  • Stage 1: Seed & Development
  • Stage 2: Start-up
  • Stage 3: Growth & Establishment
  • Stage 4: Expansion
  • Stage 5: Maturity & Possible Exit

The 7 Stages of Entrepreneurship.

  • Stage 1: The Birth of Your Start-up
  • Stage 2: Surviving & Growing Your Business
  • Stage 3: The Hyper Growth Stage
  • Stage 4: The Prime Growth Stage
  • Stage 5: Aging & Early Decline
  • Stage 6: Illness & Rapid Decline
  • Stage 7: Death

The 5 Steps of the Sales Process.

  •  Step 1: Lead Generation
  • Step 2: Qualify Leads
  • Step 3: Demonstrate Value
  • Step 4: Guide Prospect Understanding
  • Step 5: Deliver and Support


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