Abundance through Sports


Our Sports Ministry develops Character, maximizes Health, and optimizes Sports Performance by:

  • Creating more opportunities to participate in physical activity and exercise.
  • Setting an example for the athlete in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.
  • Devoting ourselves to the public reading of Scripture and teaching.
  • Training sports professionals & enthusiasts dedicated to disseminating biblical truths about sport, health, and spirituality.

Sport challenges each participant to become the best version of themselves. Coaches and players, alike, are tested physically, mentally, and emotionally. Personal attributes are combined toward one goal; however, the objective is to always place the success of the team above the success of the individual. ย Our collective success produces championships.

In similar fashion, Christians are challenged spiritually to combine their individual gifts and talents toward the common purpose of enjoying life in abundance, while recognizing the giver of those gifts and talents. ย We want to see our neighbor succeed because their gifts and talents motivate us to also become great.

Coach Desmond Ministries, Inc. is a sports ministry committed to training young men to become great basketball players and even better men. ย Future generations depend on our success.

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