About Coach

Teacher, Coach, Entrepreneur.

I am a Strategic leader with a knack for building powerfully, productive teams.

I am an Occupational Activist that believes workers should be compensated fairly for the value they bring to organizations.

I am the Founder of the Desmond Pugh Sports Academy.

I am a Georgia Bulldog.

I am Lakers Nation.

Sport has exposed me to a world of opportunity and enriched my life every step of the way. My journey began with basketball, in a church league in Birmingham, AL. After several stops along the way, my competing ended as a track & field athlete at the University of Georgia. And my collegiate strength & conditioning sessions made me fall in love with athletics all over again.

Living a healthy lifestyle based on strength & conditioning principles is my life. Sharing my knowledge about health and athletic performance is what I love. And building an organization that serves as an example to athletes of all ages and abilities is my legacy.

Sickness, disease, and death were woven into the fabric of my immediate family long before I was born. My family’s fabric began to change when lupus infected and eventual claimed the life of my maternal grandmother, when she was in her 30s. Lupus, alcoholism, depression, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, nicotine addiction, appendicitis, and kidney stones have affected my entire family in a variety of ways. My paternal grandmother lost her fight colon cancer in 2018. Of my grandparents, she lived the longest. Her death re-ignited my drive to see chronic disease eliminated as causes of death.

I fractured my L-4 in a football practice during my senior year in high school; and although I competed in a few track meets that year, my high school sports career was ended by the injury. My sports medicine team returned me to play quickly, and I was able to compete in track & field at the University of Georgia. Tony Glass–an inspiration and my strength & conditioning coach–was the most influential figure on that team.

Coach Glass inspired me to pursue a career in sports medicine and strength coaching because of his knowledge of getting the body to perform. He is the main reason that I have a mission to teach the principles of strength & conditioning and inspire young athletes to use sports to achieve greatness.

The fracture was my first, personal encounter with injury or illness. Ultimately, that injury served as the start of my professional life.

Expert Field Medic Badge

My fascination with health and sports medicine lead me to enlist into the Army. The goal was to become a physical therapist; however, my second deployment gave me the opportunity to work with emergency medicine physicians. And after the deployment, I discovered physical medicine and rehabilitation. As a medic, I was taught by physical therapist, emergency medicine nurses, physicians assistants, and physicians, as well as, physiatrists and internists. Those years taught me to better understand how to treat injuries. I also learned that both injuries and illness can be fought and beaten by reducing stress, eating clean, and moving athletically.

I became a personal trainer, while serving as a medic, because I fell in love with strength and conditioning during my rehab process in high school and college. And I completed my undergraduate degree in Sports & Health Sciences with a Concentration in Athletic Performance.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I have been privileged to rebuild multiple fitness departments. As a Fitness Manager and Fitness Director, I witnessed multiple people improve in physical health and psychological well-being through the structured programs designed by their personal trainers. I experienced similar results with my clients, as I designed programs to improve athletic performance. We referred many of our clients to seek Chiropractic care. This experience gave me firsthand knowledge of the importance that maximizing human potential can have on improving health versus non-lifestyle related treatment strategies.

I personally believe that health is the foundation to building athleticism. I also believe that many diseases are preventable. Being a Health & Physical Education teacher affords me the opportunity to share my knowledge about disease prevention.

Currently, I am enrolled at Life University learning about the interconnections between vitalism, health, and athletic performance. In addition to studying Chiropractic, I also plan to complete advanced training in positive psychology, exercise, and nutrition at Life University. My intent is to apply that knowledge to leading a sports medicine organization that focuses on maximizing human potential and athletic performance, while also promoting a wellness lifestyle that prevents the suffering from chronic disease.

Is that Organization!

Thank you for stepping into my world. I am excited to share my knowledge and passion for health and exercise with you. And I hope that we can partner together for a journey of 1,000 miles.

A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear, who has you see what you don’t want to see, so you can be who you have always known you could be.

Tom Landry

Work with Me

I am looking for sports coaches, strength coaches, sports medicine practitioners, and sports administrators to join me in growing the preeminent sports & fitness organization in the world.

Let’s make something beautiful together.


These are books that have helped me to identify my individual strengths and get on track with building mental strength and resilience.

Movement Library

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