Coach Desmond


1 Part Spiritual Coach + 1 Part Life Coach + 1 Part Health Coach + 1 Part Performance Coach + 1 Part Business Coach = Coach Desmond
Ryan P. Desmond, Founder and CEO of Coach Desmond Ministries
Ryan P. Desmond, Founder and CEO of Coach Desmond Ministries, Inc.


There are few things that I love more than being an athlete, but my love for God tops the list!

Like many of you, I have a busy and multifaceted life. The day may begin with a well thought out, very detailed plan. And since it’s all planned out, it has to go as scripted, right? Ha! You and I both know that even the best laid plans are destined to change. Sometimes the five things scheduled for today can turn into ten new things. At times, adapting to those changes become overwhelming. I have lived those changes and struggled to find healthy coping strategies. However, tomorrow came and I was able to see the silver lining in the clouds and make lemonade out of lemons.

My educational and professional background are in sports, fitness, and healthcare. And given my background, I was somewhat embarrassed to admit the struggles that I had. Yet, I realized that even health professionals struggle. We sometimes need help. We oftentimes focus so much attention on helping other people that we forget to focus on our own health. Realizing that I was not taking care of myself, I decided to become my own patient. In 2010, I began to apply all that I had learned about health and medicine to my own life. That process taught me that my level of healthiness is 100% up to me.

By sharing my journey with you, I hope that you will be empowered to take your life and health into your own hands. Your beliefs and the action steps that you take according to what you believe will determine many outcomes in your life. Focusing on my faith has been the most rewarding action step of my life. I pray that building a community around that journey proves to be another major action step.

In addition to my love for Christ and health, I am an avid sports fan and have done something athletic all of my life.  The first sport that I competed in was basketball.  I also played football and ran track; although, jumping events were my favorite.  Competing in college helped me to understand the importance of seeking to maximize health as a part of a sports performance program.  It would have been great to learn that lesson before college.  That fact is really the driving force behind this ministry.

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