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Personal Training Services

Children and adults differ anatomically, physiologically, and emotionally. That’s why it is important to connect your young athlete to trainers and coaches that are specialists. Many trainers and coaches will attempt to use the same approach for adults and children; however, training young athletes requires different training methods and motivational techniques than when working with mature adults.

My Approach

Younger Athletes (5 to 12)Older Athletes (12 to 17)
Strength training routines for this age group focus on teaching them basic lifting techniques, not heavy resistance training. I want them to become familiar with the basics of exercise and avoid the common sports injuries that are problematic to this age group.For older athletes, I emphasize the importance of lifelong sports participation and fitness activities. I focus on the enjoyment of exercise and the fun of sports, while teaching them about the role of fitness & nutrition for building a positive body image, self-esteem, goal setting, and personal achievement. They will learn how to tone and sculpt muscles, improve posture, and master more difficult weight training techniques. Injury prevention is an important topic to this age group as well.