Radio Ministry

The traditional gospel is presented in a non-traditional format via the radio. Our morning show, Our Way of Life, seeks to serve athletes at all levels and is delivered from a teaching/life coaching perspective. We discuss a wide range of topics that cover character, health, and athletic performance.

Sports Programming

We are focused on training young men to become great basketball players and even better men.


Our fundraising efforts improve the community with a dual purpose. First, it raises money for our sports programming. Second, it provides families with an additional source of income. Get more info.

Scholarship Program

Many athletes earn a partial or full scholarship to top colleges or universities around the world. Still, thousands of talented athletes are not given scholarships because funding is limited and schools are given a specific amount per program. Our scholarship program eliminates those limitations to give each of our athletes access to the financial means to attend the college or university of their choice.

Recruiting Assistance

Providing scholarships is one thing, but helping athletes navigate the complex world of recruiting is a completely different thing. We start grooming our guys early to ensure their success in the recruiting process.

Global Travel Program

Many sport programs travel for competition, but do not intentionally expose young people to the history and culture of the local environment. We combine our travel with sightseeing and exploration to give each athlete historical and cultural experiences outside of sport.




Essential Oils

Youth Sports

Adult Sports

Senior Fitness