imageClothing that reflects your commitment to a high quality & greater quantity of life.

Life in Abundance

Premium Tee Front

Jesus came so that we may have life in abundance. Coach Desmond Ministries serves out of a desire to increase the quality and quantity of your life. Our Life in Abundance Collection shares that desire with everyone.


Premium Tee FrontPremium Tee Back

Available Styles
  • Premium Tee
  • Women’s Premium Tee
  • Heavy Blend Hoodie
Available Sizes

S – 5XL

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Power Equals Work Over Time

American Apparel Crew FrontTrue power comes when we do work over time. Take the time to consistently apply your passion (force) everywhere you go to everything that you do. Doing so will make you powerful beyond measure.

Available Styles
  • American Apparel Crew
  • Gilden Unisex Tank
Available Sizes

S – 5XL

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