Morning Motivation #1: Keep Pushing

If it was easy, everyone would do it!!!!!

Keep pushing toward your goals, and find small victories along the way that will help keep you motivated. I like to make vision boards of my ”big rock” goals. One of these days I will post my vision board for you all to see. I made a vision board years ago that had pictures of the type of house and cars that I wanted. It also had specific characteristics that I wanted my family to embody. I never made additional boards that broke the bigger visions into smaller ones…🤔 That is actually a pretty good idea, because images/pictures are worth a thousand words.

I assume that your goals, especially employment/financial, are motivated by the lifestyle that you want. So, plan, track, and keep pushing for the stars. I love you all.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. I would like to hear your goals, because sharing makes thoughts more tangible. It also creates an environment of accountability. When you don’t tell people your goals, fear can keep you trapped in doubt. That’s not where we want to be. Add your goals to the comments section below.

About Me

Who am I?

I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach 
on a mission to bring people closer to God through the pursuit of athletic performance.

I am an athlete
that is pursuing my own salvation through the standard that I teach.


I am an entrepreneur
determined to share my message all over the world.

I fractured the 4th vertebra of my lumbar spine (L-4),
while playing football during my senior year of high school.
The rehab process taught me a ton about fitness and sports
performance, and also set my life’s mission into motion. 

Every athlete would benefit greatly by learning the value
of fitness, like I did. My mission is to teach them to
understand the value from the moment they begin playing

Be Driven by Lifestyle, not Profits. My #1 Principle for Entrepreneurial Success.

by: Ryan P. Desmond

You cannot be an entrepreneur unless you are making profits! However, I do not want you to measure your success by the size of your bank account. Entrepreneurship is about generating enough profit to create freedom. If you tie your success to the size of your bank account, you run the risk of becoming a slave to the money. You don’t want to be a slave to your money, right? You are an entrepreneur because you crave financial freedom and time freedom. So, maintain that vision.

Money is a tool that we need to enjoy life. It buys life experiences. Everyone wants the nice house and beautiful car. Those are things that every dual income household can purchase. In fact, a nice house and beautiful car can be paid off in 5 to 10 years. Entrepreneurs like you and I, typically desire more. Many of us have seen our parents work and work and work, but they were not able to create the comfortable, nest egg. Therefore, we want to create a family legacy of financial success that will span several generations. The house and the car are not enough. We want to also enjoy our money. We want to see our kids play sports. We want to travel and vacation.

We want to retire before 70 and live in an RV seven months out of the year.

You can have your vision. I encourage you to BUILD IT BIG! And, I encourage you to create a plan to make your vision a reality.

This is my one principle for turning a big vision into a reality.

Most people will tell you that creating a business plan is vital to running a successful business. I agree. P.K. Bernard said, “A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past.” You need a clear vision if you want to change your financial circumstances and grow your business. A business plan is your means of planning and tracking your vision. It also allows you to understand your position in comparison to competitors and the consumer market.

This plan should not be built on the principle of money. Money can buy many things, but it does not buy happiness. In fact, “being in love with money opens the door to all kinds of evil, because chasing it can cause you to pursue things that are not in line with your character” (1 Timothy 6:10). Tons of people have traded their morals and integrity in exchange for money. In the process, they have lost family, friends, health, and the ability to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And their lives are filled with misery. This result is the antithesis of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs seek to create a better way of life for themselves, loved ones, and business associates. That is why your lifestyle plan MUST be created first. One day you will retire from work. And when you retire, life will continue. If you do this first step correctly, you will have a life of joy and prosperity several decades after work. Get your lifestyle plan started by creating a Vision Board.